Masters, instructors, and dojang owners, you can now register your studio with the TTVL Players' League!


With TTVL, a $80 tax-deductible donation** to new registers your studio with The League, allowing your students to train at your facility for their weekly training and makes your studio open for unaffiliated athletes to register into TTVL and have access to the weekly training sessions at your DoJang.

Additionally, with TTVL, a $80 tax-deductible donation allows you to organize your students into a private dojang team, allowing for your students to not have to fight each other in the first round of competition (bracket size permitting). To do so, first make your team, and then contact us so we can import your team into our league.


Most importantly, students who are lost to other Varsity sports can now elect to stay with Taekwondo, as we will work to help students gain Varsity Letter recognition. This will ultimately boost student retention, particularly at the middle and high school ages, as well as better prepare athletes for going into the collegiate and adult levels of competition.***


*All Masters/Instructors/Dojang Owners information is subject to change.

**Tax deduction can take place once the TTVL is an official 501c3 non-profit organization.

***Your students must still be registered individually in order to be members of the Players' League.

Benefits of joining the TTVL!

  • Scholarship Opportunities for your students.

  • Free access to High Performance training sessions in sparring and poomsae during the season.

  • Discounts in official tournaments (meets) during the season

  • Discounts in Seminars and Special Training Camps

  • Possibility to belong to the state team in poomsae or sparring representing Texas at USAT Nationals with most of the expenses paid for the league

  • Represent your Middle or High School in the league that will help you to get Varsity Letter in your District School.

  • Keep your students once they reach High school and College/University.

  • Get new students from High schools that join the Taekwondo High School clubs.

  • Get benefits from special rates and discounts we receive (training camps, competitions etc).

  • Be a TTVL recognized DoJang for High School students to train.

  • New training and competition opportunities, as coaches and athletes.

  • Helping our sport open possibilities for our athletes to continue their education and expand TKD at high level. (without the need to sacrifice one or the other).

  • Have another opportunity to participate in tournaments as a team.

  • Compete in Sparring, Poomsae, or both!

  • Compete against other high schools in your district

  • Help students continue in the path of good citizenship, ethics, community support and self improvement

  • And much more to come

Follow these 3 easy steps for registration:
Fill out form
Make $80 donation (click button above)
Check your email for
Welcome Aboard letter

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