General Questions:

Q: Is there a deadline to register?

A: December 15th. However, negotiations with school districts takes a lot of pre-planning and scheduling, so sign up as soon as possible, or else your school district may be at the end of the line in our meeting schedule.



Q: How do I get started?

A: You can sign up at the registration tabs at All you need to join our Players’ League is to make a (tax deductible) $25 donation. This will cover your weekly training costs and scrimmage fees for the season.

Q: When and how can I get a Varsity Letter? Do I need to talk to my school?

A: You won’t need to talk to your school. TTVL will handle all the legwork with acquiring Varsity Letters. However, we can’t do anything unless you sign up. To start, we will only go to school district that have enough students participating in the league.

Q: Are we guaranteed a Varsity Letter?

A: Not every school district is open to taekwondo being a Varsity sport (yet!), especially when there aren’t enough people signed up. Furthermore, CIF dictates certain requirements for players to meet in order to obtain a Varsity letter, both in the manners of academics and athletic participation.

Q: Where do I practice?

A: Our end goal is to have teams practicing at every high school. However, as we build up our network and infrastructure, trainings are held at designated training facilities and in some cases registered dojangs once a week. Your master can register your dojang with TTVL’s Players’ League for a (again, tax-deductible) donation of $80.

Q: What if I'm homeschooled?

A: You'll still be eligible to enter into the Players' League as an independent athlete. Nothing else changes!


Q: Is there an academic requirement to participate?

A: Yes. A minimum of 2.0 GPA is required to compete. However, if their GPA is below 2.0, they may still train.

Q: What does the $25 donation cover?

A: The $25 donation provides your child with weekly training sessions for the duration of the school year. Additionally, the donation covers their costs for any TTVL-hosted events, as well as any scrimmages that TTVL organizes.

Q: Do we need to get permission from our schools to sign up?

A: There’s no need to talk to your schools: we’ll take care of that. Just register at As a parent, you can also sign up as a coach for a $30 donation, and we’ll provide for coaching seminars and credential certification.

Masters/Instructors/Dojang Owners:

Q: Are there any benefits from signing my dojang up with TTVL’s Players’ League?

A: By giving your $80 tax-deductible donation, your dojang becomes registered with our Players’ League. By doing so, your students who are registered with the Players’ League are required to stay and train at your dojang or designated training facility of your choice. By registering your dojang, you also gain coaching credentials. Additionally, any students who are registered, but whose dojangs are not registered, may come to your dojang to train.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply sign up at The registration tabs will send you straight to our registration form.


Q: I have students from different high schools. Do they still train at my studio? Do I still coach them?
A: If you have registered with our Players’ League, they must. If not, then they’ll need to find a designated training facility or registered dojang for their weekly training sessions. Going back to an earlier point, by registering your dojang, you (the master) gain coaching credentials, and can coach any of the athletes that you take care of during the weekly training sessions.

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